Forest Machine Services (FMS) provides a wide range of products and services to costumers both locally and across the UK and Ireland.

Now we are offering “Tajfun Liv” truck mounted cranes, with capacity from 60 to 297 kNm, and a model range to suit all applications from tractor trailers to the heaviest timber haulage trucks. There is a range of control systems to suit all users and a rain hood, full cabin or a heated seat can all be fitted to improve the operators environment.

The EN 12999 standard distinguishes timber handling cranes from other cranes. Crane’s slewing range of 425 degrees ensures efficient and smooth work. The control valves, from well-renowned manufacturers, enable soft, precise and fast operation without any jerky movements.

High product quality is ensured by compliance of cranes with European standards.

Here’s Callum just completed the welding of a universal bracket to a First Square Teledipper at our workshop at Wark. We removed the original clevises and welded new profiled plates to the structure.

The pictures also show the tele-dipper being trialled by Service Manager Mark Makepeace of First Square with their 30Tonne excavator after full assembly and painting. Now it’s onto the next one!

Here is some recently completed foot bridges for Durham Area ordered by Rupert Haywood Contracting. They span a full 5m and are wide enough for wheel chair access at 1.5m wide. This is just before sending for finishing at the galvanisers at Birtley. We will post some pics soon of the completed items installed soon.