Here’s Joey preparing a AFM 55 head prior to delivery at our workshop. Joey recently went to Finland for specialist training on AFM equipment.

Below is the first of some grab tanks we have made for a local contractor. These are especially for Adblue dispensing and storage. The lifting bar swings out of the way to allow the loading and removing of 40 gallon drums. 2 Drums and associated pipe work etc can be locked away.

Below is the Pre Frame fabrication from one of our FMS575 stroke heads. The main chassis parts of the head are made from Hardox 400, therefore most of the forming after cutting is sub contracted (It’s tuff stuff!). We complete all welding in house.

The FMS 575 comes with a saw swing with both auto chain tensioning and lubrication from a high quality feed pump. The image shows the main body and slide. We have these made from our drawings at a machine company in Hebburn .

The last newly delivered head went to Wales. This is it prior to shipping and after testing and commissioning at our works at Wark. The head now works and is pleasing the customer which we attached to his Case 8 tonne excavator.