We offer a wide range of winches for all applications, mostly for timber extraction but also for recovery of machinery working in boggy conditions.


Oehler Tractor mounted winches

Tractor mounted winches for timber extraction, a wide range from 3.5t with manual controls to a double drum with 2 x 10t. The most popular model in the UK is the 7500EH which has a hydraulic rope eject, hydraulic butt plate and remote control. For more info call us or visit the Oehler website. www.oehlermaschinen.de/cms/front_content.php?idcat=125

Hydraulic timber winches

Hydraulic timber winches can be mounted on any excavator, normally on the boom with a large diameter drum to accommodate long pulls. They are easily operated from the cab and do not interfere with the operation of the excavator.

Hydraulic recovery winches

Hydraulic recovery winches are normally mounted on the front of a tractor or excavator to aid recovery in boggy conditions. Used before the machine sinks too far they are a very efficient way of staying on top and keeping the job going. We have fitted these to harvesters working alone, tractors for mulching and tractors for fencing contractors.

Elca Radio Controls

Elca  Radio Remote controls for timber winches. These are a very compact, light weight and robust control unit. Available as the Alpi with winch and tractor RPM control and the Vetta which has the addition of tractor engine start / stop and PTO engage. Made in Italy by Elca who also produce a wide range of control systems for all industries. Elca radio controls web site  . Elca Radio Controls brochure PDF