Involved with forestry machines for 25 plus years

Forest Machine Services Ltd was founded in August 2006 by Stephen Wills and Kenny Dobson after they gave up the Logset forestry machine dealership for the North of England and Scotland. Kenny then retired in 2016 after 10 successful years with the business.

A new partner in the business is Graham Johnston who has a vast knowledge of steel fabrication from operating his own company (Greenline Engineering ) for many years, He then moved to work for Case Newholland in Russia before returning to the UK and working on the assembly of large offshore pipe and cable laying equipment.

Why choose FMS? To be able to answer that question we looked at what customers expect from both ourselves as suppliers and the products offered:


Knowledge of what the customer is asking of the machine.


Knowledge and resources to support the machine

Personal Service

The individual personal service that is required

Machine Matters

The realisation that every machine matters.

Independent Service

Being independent from a single manufacturer allows us to select which machines we sell and promote.
Always ensuring the support from the manufacturer is ongoing

The independent approach has allowed us to look for machinery solutions around the world, we currently  import and supply equipment and parts from  USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and  China,  as well as machinery built in the UK.