Large stores for woodchip

FMS have been involved in the design and construction of several large stores for woodchip to supply heating systems in schools, hotels and large houses, these have all been designed to fit the customers available space, height and filling requirements. The stores have been built with either sliding roof  sections, hydraulic lids or openings for blower pipes.

Shipping containers have been a popular option for biomass systems where an existing building is not available, they are versatile, spacious, easily adapted and can be fitted together to provide a large unit. Containers have been clad in timber, had pitched roofs, earth roofs, or just painted the right colour to allow them to blend into their surroundings. Most of the containers have been adapted in our workshop and been fitted with woodchip or pellet storage before being handed over to Parkend Electricals for the fitting of boilers and control systems. They can then be delivered to site where they are commissioned with a minimum amount of site time.